@Jeroen Verkroost  heeft de tweede editie van The Infected live geplaatst. Beluister het op Spotify bijvoorbeeld. 

Daarin hebben hij en zijn vrienden het over Wormer en de Wormer muziekscene. Zonder te weten dat ik in Wormer geboren ben natuurlijk ;-) En dat mijn vader bij Van Gelder Papier werkte, de fabriek waarover The Ex Dignity of Labour maakte. En Terry van The Ex nog altijd in de portierswoning van Van Gelder woont. En de dochter van Terry en mijn zoon een relatie hebben ;-) 

Met mijn band Eton Crop speelden we met The Ex, speelden we met Svätsox (waarvan Ferry nu in de Kift zit en op onze eerste plaat trompet speelde), speelden we met Zwembaden en Zowiso, etcetera. 

GW Sok was vroeger zanger in The Ex. Op Facebook doet hij aan veel geschiedschrijving. Bijvoorbeeld over het album Oorwormer met (13!) bands uit Wormer. 

Het verhaal:

Day 8/45: I've been nominated by Mice Elf (a.k.a. Uno Hoo) to post 45 record-sleeves in 45 days that are very important to me. One record a day with(out) an explanation. And best of all: don't worry because I won't nominate anybody in any way.
Anyway… with Villa Zuid being squatted and The Ex and Svätsox and De Groeten doing lots of gigs, often together, Villa Zuid started to become the place to be for bored young local kids. Apart from the local soccer-club there was not much else to do in Wormer. So these kids would skip school, come to the Villa, drink tea and listen to punk records, and saw first hand that one could just literally grab an instrument and start a band. Out of nowhere bands popped up like hot corn, and they would play gigs all over the country whereever there was some kind of punk scene. Suddenly, in this lame village of about then 10,000 inhabitants, it was packed with young, cool, loud and snotty bands. And true, for some strange reason a lot of them had a kind of Ex-ish sound. The “Wormerwave” it was called, by some. Or “Wormerwelle”, as the punks in the nearby city of Alkmaar would say. (The scene around all-female band The Wanda’s, for example.) Meanwhile, The Ex was working towards the History album, and the idea occurred to put out a compilation album with all of these bands. Easy said easy done. Twelve bands, with members aging from 14 to 20 years old, saw the inside of a studio for the very first time, with all bands recording two tracks each with producer Dolf at the Koeienverhuur (well, that's what I thought, but maybe I'm mistaken and was it all recorded in the practice-space on 2-track by Wim and Terrie, and then later the end-mix and mastering was done by Dolf). With the Cow-Rental Studio working overtime, as all these recordings took place in two or three weeks time, we recorded our own two tracks in our practice-space in Zaandam. And so, in the end, the Oorwormer (“Earwigger”) album contained no less than 26 songs by 13 artists. It came with a stencilled A5-sized lyrics-booklet and was sold for 8 and a half Dutch guilders only, almost at cost-price as none of the bands wished to make a profit. As if there would be any, anyway, they all thought. However, released in the same month as the History album, all 1,500 copies (I think) were gone pretty fast, ending up all over the world. Putting Wormer on the map, so to speak ha ha.